The New Generation of Ice Lollies - Perfect Sugar Swap

County Councils throughout the country are choosing Yummy FRUITIC for Primary School menus.

Thousands of children across the country are enjoying a Fruitic Ice lolly as a healthy dessert option.
This low unit cost lolly, ticks all the boxes for the children.
100% Fruit, healthy, perfect size at 40ml and most importantly the children absolutely Love them!

Schools are introducing our delicious ice treats as healthy snacks which are helping young children lick their way to the recommended five portions of fruit and veg a day and cut down on fatty, unhealthy foods.

"The new Real Fruit Frenzy ice lollies are hugely popular amongst our students. We sold out within 48 hours - they just can't get enough of them! At last the students have a healthy alternative that tastes delicious and looks amazing!"

Catering Manager, Birchwood High School, Hertfordshire

New Fruitic ice lollies now on the menu in Suffolk primary schools!

Children at over 400 primary schools in Essex are enjoying our ice lollies as a healthy dessert choice on their Spring/Summer menus.

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